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A 10-Point Plan for Opportunities (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Written By: Robert - Feb• 10•17

Expected Dynamics in the Job Market Upon graduating from the college, majority of the students want to secure themselves with a job. In colleges they are channeled towards being absorbed in the clean office jobs. Because of the many universities that have come up a big number of trained personnel is getting into the job market We now have a crowded job market. The slim job market is not in a position to continuously absorb the ever increasing number of graduates. As a result one is forced to take any job that comes along his or her way after graduating. Websites providing information on the latest vacancies is frequently visited In an effort to chase for luck one is always engaged in search of a job. Chasing of jobs has now become familiar and job seeker are even creating a network to share information about any upcoming opportunity. This is a worldwide challenge. It is worth knowing to the job seeker that the opportunity that they could be looking for could be in the careers site of their potential employer. Mostly the companies post upcoming opportunities in their website. By this the company is in a position to identify those who have deep interest in working with them. It also saves on cost, usually free compared to using media who may increase the gearing level of the firm. This method has been simplified by the use of technology all to the advantage of the job candidate. One can also access the information using cellular phones that are using customized applications. It is not a wonder when one vacancy is announced the firm may receive thousands of applications To actually manage these businesses are now outsourcing this service from recruiting agents. Minimal requirements for a certain opportunity have been raised. For example a job requiring undergraduate training could now ask for postgraduate training that could be still at disposal in the job market. Out of this majority of the undergraduates are forced to go for further studies.
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It’s a wake-up call to the universities to blend their curriculum with practical aspects so as to give out resourceful people to the society. Assistance from the private firms is also being called upon so as to as to try and solve this problem.
5 Lessons Learned: Careers
Commercialization of education has also led to half-baked graduates filling the market. There have been emergence of very many tertiary institutions some of which cannot offer sufficient training. As a result the companies to which they work for collapses out in bad management causing more problems. It cannot be new to anyone that employment is a topic worth discussion. It should be inculcated in us that we should learn so as to acquire skills and not to be employed only We should run from the culture of job seekers to that of job creators. We should count ourselves great if this comes to pass.

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