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Entertaining Your Keynote Speaker

Written By: Robert - Feb• 10•17

There are several ways to entertaining and accommodating your keynote speaker. Should they be out of town guests or in town speakers you will have to get to know them for they are your guests at your event. These highly valuable guests are the most crucial part of the program of your function so be sure to treat them as VIP’s and be at their command. The guest that you should be focusing more on entertaining are the out of town speakers, they may be quite new to your place and wish to take in the sites or dine in fine dining restaurants. So here are a couple of things to remember when you are entertaining your keynote speakers, whether they are from out of town or local keynote speakers.

For Local Keynote speakers you can easily entertain them for you and them have some things in common like you are from the same location. It’s still best if you get to know your speaker personally so your best option is to take them out for coffee, dinner, or lunch and get to know them personally. Where they studied and what their expertise is in their field of keynote speaking. This is also a great time to go over their notes and go over their presentation for your event. Should you wish to make corrections to their presentation or perhaps add more content to their discussions.

Then there are out-of-town keynote speakers that you specifically chose and hired to speak at your event these speakers maybe new to your place so be sure to show them around and acquaint them with their surroundings and show them the venue of the event that they will be speaking in. To warmly welcome them to your hometown or city have a gift basket prepared and placed in their room so when they arrive at their hotel room they will surely feel welcome.

Out-of-town keynote speakers are new to your place so make sure that you will pick them up when they arrive. Should they come in by plane or by bus, pick them up personally or hire a chauffeur to pick them up and drive them anywhere they wish to go. Also be sure that you are paying for their rooms and their meals. Inform them that you have reserved and paid for a room for them to stay in a hotel near the venue of the event. Choose a hotel or motel near to your venue so that the speaker will not have a hard time going to the event.

After the speaker has finished delivering their presentation make sure to thank them and give them a little gift bag to simply thank them for an excellent discussion and to thank them for taking the time to come and speak in your function. Then when your guest is leaving, make sure to send them off either the airport or to the bus terminal to make them feel how truly you have taken care of them.

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