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Job Hunting Basics for Recent College Grads

Written By: Robert - Feb• 10•17

So you have the degree but you don’t have the job? Been there, done that. Breath easy my friend, millions of other people have been in your exact situation and ended up OK. Read on to learn practical tips on job hunting basics for job hungry college grads.

Check Out Your Schools Career Service Office

Yes, I’m with you. I don’t enjoy spending my free time going to the campus career service office either! But for a job hungry college grad, this is logical first place to go. Not only do most college’s career service office help you make a professional resume, coach you on the basics of networking and connect you with companies looking to hire college grads, they do all of this for free You owe it to yourself to use this freeresource; who knows, after visiting you might happen to leave with job!

Network Network Network

Networking is the buzzword that is actually buzz worthy. Listen, you’ve been told a million times that you should network; the time is now to actually do it.

Networking is all about introducing yourself to other professionals in your field and showing the world how you can be of service. For a recent college grad, I recommend creating a LinkedIn profile and start to put your name out in the professional community. Join groups in your desired field and start embracing your inner Chatty Kathy.

The real key to networking is to show people that you are valuable, but to do so in an honest and genuine way. Remember, as the age old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Start networking today!

Apply for Jobs

At a certain point in your job search, you’re going to have to submit your application. Surprise! So let’s make a plan for your success.

I encourage you to spend your free time searching job boards for opportunities in your field. I personally recommend using Indeed, Craigslist and Monster; however, a mere Google search will inform you that there are thousands of job boards out there including niche listings for specific industries.

Make a game plan to apply to a minimum of 10 jobs that interest you per day. If you follow this game plan, you will have successfully applied for over 70 jobs in a week which dramatically increases your chances of landing an interview. Please know that most applications require a cover letter and the career service office is a great place to learn how to craft one.

Applying to jobs is half the battle; if you want to land the interview, you have to stand out from the crowd. I advise you to follow up with the companies you applied to and ask to speak with human resources about the job opportunity. This five-minute phone call of extra effort can actually land you an interview; trust me, I’ve done it before.


So you’ve made it to the interview, congratulations! You’re almost done. During the interview, make sure that you control every factor that you can. What I mean is, I want you to dress for success. I want you to research the company. I want you to be able to intelligently speak about how you can help the company grow or solve a problem. I want you to be confident. I want you to be polite. I want you to send a thank you letter after the interview. I want you to control what you can; you will put yourself in great position to land the job that way. Follow these steps and you’ll be putting Northeastern’s masters in taxation degree to good use in no time!

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