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Entertaining Your Keynote Speaker

Written By: admin - Nov• 10•14

imagecontentmotivationThere are several ways to entertaining and accommodating your keynote speaker. Should they be out of town guests or in town speakers you will have to get to know them for they are your guests at your event. These highly valuable guests are the most crucial part of the program of your function so be sure to treat them as VIP’s and be at their command. The guest that you should be focusing more on entertaining are the out of town speakers, they may be quite new to your place and wish to take in the sites or dine in fine dining restaurants. So here are a couple of things to remember when you are entertaining your keynote speakers, whether they are from out of town or local keynote speakers.

For Local Keynote speakers you can easily entertain them for you and them have some things in common like you are from the same location. It’s still best if you get to know your speaker personally so your best option is to take them out for coffee, dinner, or lunch and get to know

How To Develop Emotional Intelligence ~ Developing Emotional Intelligence

Written By: admin - Apr• 28•16

How To Develop Emotional Intelligence ~ Developing Emotional Intelligence

I was recently asked by Tom Belyeu on the Inside Quest TV show where someone should start in developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ). I actually wasn’t expecting this question as the interview was set up to be about our new book, Performing Under Pressure.

As Tom did his pre-reading for the show, he became very excited about how to develop Emotional Intelligence. So, even though I wasn’t prepared for the question, the answer came easily:

“it starts with self-awareness”.

It Start with Self-Awareness

How could I be so sure of this answer? Because it was my lack of self-awareness early in my career that nearly derailed me.

What is your future employer looking for when setting up your profile?

Written By: admin - Apr• 20•16

What is Your Future Employer Looking for When Setting up Your Profile?

Every employer has a unique set of requirements while hunting for the right employees into specific job requirements. However, there are some general aspects everyone looks for while considering a candidate.

Three C’s of success

First let’s review three C’s of success, which will remain constant throughout your career if you want to enjoy the kind of growth you liked and money you wanted to earn, practice these.

  • Credibility
  • Competence, and
  • Contacts

Young Indian graduation picture isolated with clipping path.


You know the reputation of a brand is a primary consideration you make while purchasing a product. It is the same in case of your career too, your reputation is the first thing an employer or organisation consider while hiring or promoting you. Credibility is the sum of your reputation and character. Ensure that you keep yourself reputable by doing things consistently by meeting the highest ethical standards. People will recommend you only if they are convinced about your credibility.


Be the


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Villanova MS in Analytics

An Employer Should Follow Staff Handbook To Maintain Company’s Growth & Development

Written By: admin - Mar• 31•16

employee handbook-As employees are the most valuable assets for a company so employers give some extra care and effort over them. If a company is unable to handle the employed people properly then that will surely prohibit the growth of the organization. Every company needs to follow certain laws and rules so that they can satisfy their employees and in this way company can flourish their business and can grow more rapidly.

What Is Staff Handbook And Why It Is Mandatory For An Organization?

The Staff Handbook is a guidebook that states some rules and regulations which every person under the particular organization needs to follow. This book helps employees to know where they stand- what they can and cannot do, what they can expect from their employer and also what their employer can expect from them. Staff handbook usually makes communication easily between employer and employees. Staff handbook is mandatory for all business houses and this book usually deals with the most important areas for employment and operate simple but with effective

Why You Should Study English

Written By: admin - Mar• 24•16

There are some obvious and unexpected benefits when it comes to learning a second language. Did you know that when you learn a second language it actually diminishes your risk of developing brain deterioration disease, such as Alzheimer’s? While learning a second language, such as English, can open up new horizons for you, it can also help you better understand the other seven billion (and growing) people on this planet. When you learn a second language, you open up your world. Take a look at the other benefits of learning another language.

Broadened Horizons

Did you know that the business of the majority of the world’s international organisations and diplomatic functions are conducted in English? These include the United Nations, the Olympics, and many others. Most international business is also conducted in English, and the language is usually used between people from different countries. English is becoming the international language. As the world becomes a smaller place, there will soon not be the capability to avoid learning it. So why not learn it now?

Access to Information and Knowledge

Many of the pages on the Internet, international news sources, and most scientific studies are

Take Your Child to the Next Level by Joining a Science Group

Written By: admin - Mar• 15•16

ScienceEd_banner (2)Joining a science group provides the child with a sense of belonging to the subject of science.  They will start acting and thinking like scientists.  They will learn to set up experiments.  They will learn to define an aim for any kind of experiment they might choose to be involved in.  They will learn to endure in their approaches.

Methods and Results

A science group is a place where children would be taught to set up experiments with a certain aim.  They will get an insight in to the kind of materials they will have to use for their experiments.  They will learn to set up controls of the right type.  They will learn to present discussions and summaries.  When they are in a group, the group attitude is oriented to scientific thinking.  They feel encouraged in every kind of discussion they have with each other.

Improves Confidence

With the passing of time, even introverted children tend to develop an attitude to be able to discuss stuff with others, to eventually come

Effective Ways of Creating Business Leaders of Tomorrow

Written By: admin - Feb• 19•16

Fostering leaders that will be responsible for business in the near future is something that every company should think about. Each day that passes is a day when the current leaders are closer to leaving, and it is important to entrust worthy people to fill the vacant seats to be created. A company can choose to make its own leaders instead of scrambling to fill such positions when the time comes. It is very advantageous for an enterprise to have leaders that have been there for years.

Recognising Potential

For any entity to develop leaders capable of taking over, it must first know how to recognise potential. Most companies concentrate on the personal development and achievement of tasks by employees that they forget how to scour for leadership talent. Some of the best leaders may be hiding in the basement of your company! One of the best traits of a leader is the ability to see something in their employees that they can turn into greatness. Implement a system for your company that can spot such diamonds in the rough.

Putting up the Right Structures

After noticing that an employee has the potential to do better, what do you do with them? Does your

Job Hunting Basics for Recent College Grads

Written By: admin - Feb• 12•16


So you have the degree but you don’t have the job? Been there, done that. Breath easy my friend, millions of other people have been in your exact situation and ended up OK. Read on to learn practical tips on job hunting basics for job hungry college grads.

Check Out Your Schools Career Service Office

Yes, I’m with you. I don’t enjoy spending my free time going to the campus career service office either! But for a job hungry college grad, this is logical first place to go. Not only do most college’s career service office help you make a professional resume, coach you on the basics of networking and connect you with companies looking to hire college grads, they do all of this for free You owe it to yourself to use this freeresource; who knows, after visiting you might happen to leave with job!

Network Network Network

Networking is the buzzword that is actually buzz worthy. Listen, you’ve been told a million times that you should network; the time is now to actually do it.

Networking is all about introducing yourself to other professionals in your field and showing the world how you can be of service. For a recent college grad, I

The Advantages of Professional Coach Training

Written By: plinks - Jan• 14•16

Since the downfall of the economy, many people find that they are still struggling to find a position that is both fulfilling and rewarding. The first step in realizing what career can help a person do what they love is considering what makes that individual feel satisfied and happy. If you are a person who enjoys helping others one of the most rewarding industries to work in is within professional coaching. As a professional coach, an individual is able to providing coaching services on a variety of areas. Why not help yourself by helping others? With a ton of coaching training programs available to choose form, it is highly recommended that individuals complete their due diligence and determine which program will best suite all of their needs.

Professional Coach Training has the ability to open doors in a person’s career. By taking that extra step and being professionally trained to be a coach can also lead to higher income opportunities as well. With several certifications available to choose from, students are strongly encouraged to shop around until they have located a school that will be a good fit for them. In many cases, flexible classes and low tuition costs are

Factors to Use Staffing Companies

Written By: plinks - Jan• 14•16

Staffing needs firms may play some sort of critical part in assisting companies get talent. Staffing businesses indicate any outside search organization that brings in a payment for producing a position with the company. This particular includes staffing requirements agencies, contingency along with retained professional search organizations, and their particular hybrids. Generally there is practically nothing inherently excellent to employers who function at a national staffing agency whenever compared for you to corporate interviewers, other when compared with they have a tendency to perform fewer projects and their particular compensation will be based upon their outcomes, not their very own level involving activity. This kind of is some sort of huge edge when this comes for you to representing better candidates.

Given that they include both the particular active as well as passive ability market, that they can assist raise typically the overall good quality level involving every brand new hire. The particular only purpose you ought to pay the fee regarding 20% or perhaps more intended for a prospect is in the event that the individual is evidently superior for you to the men and women your business is obtaining on the own. In order to get any sense

A 10-Point Plan for Opportunities (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Written By: plinks - Jan• 11•16

Expected Dynamics in the Job Market Upon graduating from the college, majority of the students want to secure themselves with a job. In colleges they are channeled towards being absorbed in the clean office jobs. Because of the many universities that have come up a big number of trained personnel is getting into the job market We now have a crowded job market. The slim job market is not in a position to continuously absorb the ever increasing number of graduates. As a result one is forced to take any job that comes along his or her way after graduating. Websites providing information on the latest vacancies is frequently visited In an effort to chase for luck one is always engaged in search of a job. Chasing of jobs has now become familiar and job seeker are even creating a network to share information about any upcoming opportunity. This is a worldwide challenge. It is worth knowing to the job seeker that the opportunity that they could be looking for could be in the careers site of their potential employer. Mostly the companies post upcoming opportunities in their website. By this the company is in a position

What Research About Careers Can Teach You

Written By: plinks - Jan• 10•16

Become a Successful Hiring Manager by Knowing the Right Tips Should you be in a position in a company where you will be picking out applicants to hire for the company’s future, then you will surely need to know what to consider because as a hiring manager, it is important that you will take this job seriously because you will be putting the future of the company at risk if you just pick anyone that you find without further investigation. Reason behind why you should be really careful in choosing the right one for the company is because failure to do so will result to affect the company’s productivity and even put your position at stake. Personality is a very important factor that should be considered when choosing among the lists of applicants because although they have their resume with them, still, personality plays a major role in the success of the company. Below are some of the most important things that you should look out for aside from the personality alone so be sure that you will read through the article carefully to give you a heads up on what to look out for.

Lessons Learned About Traveling

Written By: plinks - Jan• 07•16

Simple Tips When Buying Travel Gadgets Some gadgets are necessary have when traveling. Buying the right gadgets can make your life easier. However, it is not always easy for you to find the right gadgets if you do not look well. It is important to find the right sized gadget to make packing easy. Choose one that is easy to carry and is light in weight. For this reason, the following suggestions will come in handy when choosing the right travel gadget. Easy to carry toiletries Traveling can be stressful for people who have a certain routine especially if they have to be away from home for a while. Certain people have a cleansing routine that requires mixing of certain ingredients in their home make cleansers. However, just because you have a specific routine should not be a cause for you to stress because you can get soaps and shampoos that work just as well. Fortunately, such soaps do not require you to memorize mixing ratios for you to make it work perfectly. All you require is visiting a shop and selecting the soaps that best fit your needs.
What Has Changed Recently With Resources?

Why People Think Managers Are A Good Idea

Written By: plinks - Jan• 07•16

How to Come Out With the Best Manager During an Interview Managers are always among the most important people in any organization. Good managers have their departments well run with less or even no friction while bad managers tend to have a lot of friction in their departments. It is worthwhile noting that, a manager with good communication skills as well as leadership can help you in solving intro-departmental problems arising between workers. It would therefore be very lucky for any employer to get a good manager. In some cases, you may have to promote one of your employees to become a manager or you can just source a manager right from the job market. Sourcing a manager for the job market can be tricky at times. It only needs a keen eye and an ear as well in order to get the right person during the recruitment process. Someone whom you have absorbed into your organization as a manager would not be convinced to take a low post which may also call for lesser pay.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Resources
You must ensure that, the job vacancy reach the largest number of people.

How I Achieved Maximum Success with Employers

Written By: plinks - Jan• 06•16

Untold Tips For Hiring Managers That They Must Know It isn’t that simple to hire new employees as what you thought it was. You have to ensure that you are picking the best candidate for the company and for the team. Someone who will add value to the entire organization and improve your current operation. Make a wrong decision and the possible consequences may result to ripple effect, hurt the team moral and so forth that will then lead to the termination of the employee, causing you to go back to square one. Well great news is, we will be tackling on some of the best interview tips for hiring managers that can help them guarantee that they will come up with the right choice of which new employee to get for the team. Number 1. Focus more on the personality and not on paper – do you think that the person applying for the job is someone you could work with, someone you can get along in the office and someone who is very eager to learn? Being able to find a candidate who is easy to work with and has the ability

Where To Start with Managers and More

Written By: plinks - Jan• 06•16

Tips for Hiring Managers: Pick the Best Candidate by Making Use of the Right Key Points In the event that you are given the task as a hiring manager, then chances are that you will definitely want to take the role seriously so you can pick out the best candidates for the company that you work in or for your team, basically someone who stands out from the crowd. When you are given the job to do such task, then it is very important that you will be careful with the picking process since failure to secure the right candidates will result to putting the company’s reputation at risk. In the event that you are given the task to pick the right team for the company, then it may somehow be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to consider but by knowing the items below, you should them be able to get everything done professionally. When you are going to interview through the lists of candidates, then you should know and ensure that you will not be relying alone on the paper but rather, you should be focused more on their personality because their

Managers: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Written By: plinks - Jan• 06•16

Interviewing Tips to Recruit the Best Applicant When interviewing a candidate, do not focus so much on what his/her papers declare but on the personality and asking yourself if the person is someone you can work with. Will there be harmony with the different employees if the applicant is hired? Will the applicant be able to learn with much enthusiasm? Someone who can get along well with everyone and is willing to learn new skills is a lot better than someone with a perfect resume. If a person has potential then he is a lot better than the one who claims to have the skills already. The attitude of teachability is a lot better than the know-it-all mentality. The person who is set on doing thing his/her way will find it difficult to adjust than a person who is willing to learn and adjust to the company’s ways. A person who is truly interested in the company and the position asks plenty of questions related to it. If the applicant asks questions about culture, growth opportunities and training, then you have a potential one in that person. If you want to know if a person

Learn How To Start Your Dropshipping Business

Written By: plinks - Jan• 01•16

There are a lot of opportunities for a hard-working person to work from home, you just have to know where to look. As a stay at home mom or dad, there is little time to commit to sitting at a computer, unless a sitter or nanny were hired for the day while you worked out of the office. As a parent, it is usually wished that there were more hours in a day to get more work done, but with a dropshipping business, you don’t need to take a lot of time out of the day to run the business. It is a business run by you, in which you sell items that you know are desired products by consumers and that will be successful selling on sites like amazon or eBay. Once you sell the items you contact the wholesaler of these items to have these items shipped to the buyer.

How do you make a profit? You are selling the item for a price that is above wholesale value, and you pay the wholesaler the wholesale value. Sounds quite simple, right? Here are some steps you might benefit from when starting your dropshipping business.

As with any business,

Choosing the Ideal Engineering Degree Program

Written By: plinks - Jan• 01•16

A career as an engineer is one of the most personally and financially rewarding paths a person can choose. However, it should be noted that there are numerous educational qualifications engineers must possess, and this can make choosing the ideal college program a remarkably difficult task. Luckily, for those struggling to pick the perfect college for studying engineering, there is an online resource that provides all the information a person could need.

By visiting http://engineeringdegrees.org, it is possible to easily learn the information needed to make the perfect choice for an engineering degree program. One of the most important factors in determining the ideal program is cost. However, comparing the costs of colleges can be extremely time intensive. These programs do not make it easy to determine the actual cost of attendance for a year or semester, and this can make it extremely difficult to compare programs. Luckily, this website provides an easy to use interface that makes comparing tuition rates a simple task.

If you are unable to afford the expensive prices of the top universities, it is important to note that this does not mean your career opportunities will be limited. Rather, it only means you will have to

Opportunities Tips for The Average Joe

Written By: plinks - Dec• 31•15

Why Students Should Consider a Career in Maritime Maritime industry is one of the most promising industry in the world concerning job placement. It is an industry that simply deals with the sea or things related to the or around the sea. It is also one of the largest field in relation to job placement. Employment opportunities in the maritime industry includes specialists in fish ecology, civil engineering, marine engineering, naval architecture, maritime consultancy among other experts. These career opportunities are not known to many, a factor that has contributed to a deficiency in staff trained in the fields mentioned. As compared to other courses on offer in the market, educational institutions offering maritime related studies have not been vibrant in advertising the courses they offer. To the high schoolers who are still figuring out a course whose job market is not flooded, maritime related courses are the right courses for them. People giving it a trial should also have passion. It would be an interesting field for all people who love adventure. Once in a while, you may be required to deal with a storm of ship operators and captains. Assuming a ship you are in